Century 100fm Hot hits 24/7

Here is a link to a great online radio station Century 100fm. Based out of County Cork, Ireland. They have a great playlist and there are no ads! here is the link: https://zeno.fm/century-100fm/

Also the website. Enjoy!


Website Design

How Sharp are your online security skills?

Take Google’s Phishing Quiz to Sharpen Your Security Skills

This is a great tool you can use to help train your friends, family and colleagues to resist email phishing attacks. Google has a phishing quiz that everyone should take, and it’s a lot harder to pass than you might think! The quiz teaches you how to spot indicators of a phishing email – a malicious email that could trick you into handing over precious data. I recommend sharing this post with all your friends.


Confined to home due to Covid-19 restrictions but need computer support?

Self isolating and keeping safe indoors? Need computer support at home? I can rescue you from your computer issues remotely. Connecting securely to your computer, and controlling your desktop as though I am helping you in person. Once fixed you can even pay over the phone. Please contact me for more information.

No Fix No Fee

No Fix No Fee – In the unlikely event your computer cannot be fixed, there is absolutely no charge.

Chris’ Top Tech Tip!

Are your WhatsApp photos and videos clogging up your phone?

The biggest data users are the Gifs, images and Videos. They can quickly fill up your devices storage as well as the memory.

WhatsApp will automatically download anything sent to you. This is then stored on your phone. Usually in the camera roll.
A new Android WhatsApp version now gives you control over the storage.

Here’s how to do it:
In WhatsApp go to ‘settings’ (located via the 3 dots on top right).
Then go to ‘Storage and Data’ and then ‘Manage Storage’.

You will see a list of chats and next to each one, the amount of storage taken up by each chat. You can click on each one to see all of the photos and videos. You can press and hold on each item to select it and then delete. There is also a check box for ‘delete all’ if you are feeling brave!! Only do this if you don’t want to keep any of the media sent to you or if you have them backed up by other means.

You know those funny videos we have shared around, sending to several contacts? Each video is stored in duplication!! Another new feature in this section shows you all of the videos you have shared or sent many times. You can now delete those saving just the 1 should you wish to keep it.
A great tool for freeing up space and improving your phone’s performance pretty instantly 😉
I understand that this update is rolling out starting this month and should be available for the iPhone too at some point.

The updated WhatsApp app is now available in the Play Store. You will need to update for the above to be available. 👍🏼

Card payments now accepted.

To make it easier for my customers I now accept Apple and Android Pay as well as all major debit and credit cards, including: Visa, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.

I collect, repair and drop off for free in the locality!

To make it easier for you, I can collect and return your repair for no extra charge. The equipment will be fully sanitised on return.

Chris’ Top Tech Tip!

Bring back a closed tab!
Have you ever accidentally closed an internet tab?
No problem, all you do is press Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen the most recently closed tab and get back to what you were doing. If you are on an Apple Mac its (Cmd + Shift + T). 😉

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